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Yellowing leaves remedy fertilizer - Florovit® - 1 l

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Presented Yellowing leaves remedy fertilizer from Florovit® is perfectly suited for supporting all plants grown at home, in the garden and on the balcony. Leaf yellowing, often referred to as chlorosis, is usually caused by nutrient shortages, particularly lack of iron. Presented fertilizer's complete composition and increased iron content help replenish all deficiencies, because all these nutrients are available in easily assimilable form. The first results can be seen almost immediately - leaf colouring will be enhanced and the plants quickly regain their healthy and magnificent appearance.

This liquid concentrated fertilizer is intended for soil and foliar application. As soon as you notice leaf yellowing, apply it as emergency treatment 1 - 2 times a week, until the symptoms recede completely. You may either water or dust the plants with a water solution of the product. The latter application method brings quick results. You may also apply the product as precautionary measure twice a month in summer, and monthly in winter. Presented yellowing leaves remedy fertilizer may be applied all year long.

The package contains 1 litre of the yellowing leaeves remedy from Florovit®, as well as the best-before date and detailed instructions of use.

Application method:

Application in emergency cases: prepare a solution of 5 ml of fertilizer in 2.5 litres of water. Dust the plants or water the plants up to two times a week.

Preventive treatment: use 5 ml of fertilizer per 1 litre of water. Water the plants twice a month in summer and once a month in winter.