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Citrus plant fertilizer - concentrate for 35 litres of watering solution - Substral®

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Citrus plant fertilizer - concentrate for 35 litres of watering solution from Substral® is a mineral fertilizer intended for supplementation of all citrus plants. It provides plants grown in pots with optimal nourishing. This product is exceptionally efficient and easy to use and its contents have been carefully selected to supply plants with the right doses of macro- and micronutrients. Using this fertilizer helps you to take proper care of your plants and to provide them with everything they need. They will pay you back with magnificent growth and health and their leaves will be vividly green. Presented fertilizer has been enriched with iron in form of chelates. Large amounts of these compounds positively influence plants' health and stimulate them to develop flower buds.

Liquid concentrate offered here allows you to prepare 35 litres of concentrate. It dissolves in water fully and the handy cap allows you to precisely measure the right dose of the fertilizer. Fertilization does not take much time, because it is performed during watering. This fertilizer is extra efficient and will last for a long time. We recommend to use it every seven days during the intensive growth stage.

The package contains 250 ml of citrus fertilizer concentrate for 35 litres from Substral®, as well as the best-before date and detailed instructions of use.

Dosage: dissolve 7 ml of the product in 1 litre of water.