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Car Ultrasonic Rodent Reppeller 12V – mice, rats, martens, weasels

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A device which will effectively repel martens, weasels, rats and mice from cars. The electrical cables, brake hoses, oil lines, radiator hoses, air-conditioning hoses or on-board computer cables bitten through under the bonnet not only result in financial losses, often considerable ones, but may also lead to an accident. Just one repellent fitted permanently in the engine bay is sufficient to effectively repel rodents from the car’s engine. Car 12V repeller is currently the most powerful and the most advanced device available on the market. Thanks to a very high and wide range of frequencies module, it effectively works on rodents such as mice, rats, martens and weasels.


•    Effective area: up to 200 m
•    Contact angle: 120°
•    Repellent speaker generate sound waves variable range 16 kHz – 65 kHz
•    Dimensions: 85x65x36 mm
•    Power suply: 12-15V
•    Power consumption: 25mA
•    Operating temperature from -30°C up to +70°C


•    The device will work when the ignition is off when you start the car the device will go off.
•    The efficacy of the device is visible on the first day of the assembly.
•    The device has a very frugal power supply and charged battery can las tup to eight months for which there is no possibility of discharge of the car battery while car is in every day use.

Made in EU.