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Kohlrabi "Gigant" - late, pale green, extra large variety - COATED SEEDS - 100 seeds

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Kohlrabi "Gigant" (Brassica oleracea var. Gongylodes) is a late variety producing extremely large stems that might weigh even 4 kg. These gargantuan stems are covered with smooth, pale green peel that shelters whitish, delicious, juicy and firm flesh. Kohlrabi "Gigant" can be stored long-term, because its flesh does not get ligneous nor pithy. It is intended for direct consumption raw or cooked in soups, or for freezing, since it does not lose any of its value in low temperatures.

Kohlrabi is a very healthy vegetable. It contains high amount of vitamin C - 100 mg/100 g of dry matter, what equals the amount of this vitamin in citrus fruit. It also contains vitamin A, E, large amounts of calcium and iron. A very rare compound, called "vitamin U" has been discovered in kohlrabi juice. Vitamin U plays a major role in healing stomach and duodenum ulcers and in cancer prophylaxis. Kohlrabi leaves that are eaten in some countries contain even more vitamin C than stems. Infusion brewed of kohlrabi leaves is used in treatment of lung diseases, such as asthma.

"Gigant" kohlrabi is grown from seedlings for summer and autumn harvest. Seeds are sown from March until June under covers or onto a seed bed. You should transplant seedlings to the permanent site from May until mid-July. This vegetable needs to be grown on sunny sites, preferably in light, moist soils that are rich in humus and minerals. Harvest takes place from August until October.

Mineral-peat coating of the "Gigant" kohlrabi seeds makes precise single-seed sowing much easier and eliminates the need for later thinning, as well as protects the germinating seeds from harmful pathogens in the soil.

The package contains 100 "Gigant" kohlrabi seeds, as well as the sow-by date and a growing guide.

  • Use: direct consumption - raw, cooked; storing; freezing
  • Harvest time: August - October
  • Site: sunny; light, moist soil rich in humus and minerals
  • Quantity: 100

Approximately 100 seeds (+/- 20%)

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