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Microgreens - Growing container - young leaves with an unique taste

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Microgreens - Growing container - young leaves with an unique taste. Microgreens are popular plants that are harvested and consumed at an early development stage. They are harvested as soon as they have developed the first pair of true leaves, hence they do not need much soil, nor much ground for growth. Microgreens may be successfully grown in shallow, small containers.

The container for growing Microgreens has been prepared especially for cultivation of the young, uniquely tasting leaves. All Microgreens seeds may be sown onto it. The container is made of a very durable, high quality plastic. It is very enduring, resistant to mechanical damage and weather-resistant alike. It is reusable and will serve its purpose for a long time. It is green and will look great on a windowsill.

Container size: 14 x 26 cm