Orchid supports and clip ties

Orchid supports and clip ties will protect your plants from the risk of shoots breaking under the weight of flowers. These accessories would also help to maintain the desired habit of the blooming plants. A broad assortment of ornamental and functional orchid supports and clip ties awaits you in our online garden store at surprisingly competitive prices.

The standard plastic supports would prove to be sufficient for the majority of orchid species and varieties. These are affordable models that also delight with interesting design and a broad palette of available colours. The Zig-zag orchid and other plant support or the Pink, Green and White Palm all belong to that category of products. If you, on the other hand, own exceptionally large specimens or the multi stem orchids, you might need the Single 45-cm metal plant support. This sturdy model is equipped with a supportive ring that will eliminate the need to use ties or clips. Should you prefer straight, simple plant support poles, you should definitely equip yourself with the Plant support clip ties - we recommend, among other products, the set of 8 large and 12 smaller clip ties, available at an affordable price. We also offer the classic small Orchid clip ties in sets of 10 pieces - neat, almost unnoticeable accessories that serve their purpose very well.

We encourage you to look at the photographs of our products. Order those that suit your need best and see for yourself that the high quality orchid supports and clip ties really facilitate taking care of orchids. Shopping at our store does not take much time and allows you to make savings. Take advantage of the free home delivery! And remember, that you are always welcome at our store!