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Orchid and other flower support pole - Decor Stick - transparent - 59 cm

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The Decor Stick support is an exceptionally attractive pole that will help plants carry their heavy flowers. It looks tremendous supporting the noble orchids, whose slender stalks bend under the weight of numerous blooms. The offered support pole, manufactured of transparent plastic in three colour versions, constitutes a functional decoration for the flowering and green plants. It has been equipped with slender flexible hooks that are perfectly suited for supporting the frail shoots that are prone to breaking. The unique form of the presented support pole will add plenty of charm to various plant arrangements.

It is resistant to external factors such as humidity and sunlight and therefore very durable. It will last long and help you expose the most beautiful flowers from your home collection. The plastic it has been manufactured of is stable and flexible enough to adjust its shape to the supported plant. Thanks to the availability of several colour versions you will be able to find the support that will fit your interior arrangement or the flower colour.

Height: 59 cm

Colour: white