Potassium soap

Potassium soap is an excellent, multi-purpose product that can be used in gardening in a variety of ways. It will help you clean gardening tools – garden shears and scissors, grafting knives, rakes, shovels and other tools, as well as pots, seeding trays and hotbeds – conveniently and quickly. This cleaning agent may also be used for plant protection. Interested in more information? We invite you for a further read and browsing through our product selection!

You will buy Potassium soap in large, easy to use packs from renown producers at our store. We recommend, among other products, the Agrecol Potassium soap in 500 ml bottles. It is easy to apply thanks to its liquid form. Solve it in warm water in order to obtain a 100% natural, exceptionally efficient cleaning agent. A potassium soap solution may also be used for wiping plant leaves – it proves to be an eco-friendly method of fighting such pests as aphids, mealybugs and fruit lecanium. The product offered here increases traction, too, hence it increases the efficiency of both natural and chemical crop dusting with protective agents. You will purchase the efficient potassium soap at affordable price with quick, reliable home delivery at our store. Take a look at other offers we have prepared for you. Let us surprise you with the interesting new products from the Sanitary hygiene department and learn how you could take even better care of your garden.

We invite you for an enjoyable, convenient shopping trip to our garden store – high quality for the price affordable to everyone is our motto!