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"Purple Rain" ornamental onion - 30 bulbs

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"Purple Rain" ornamental onion is a valued and commonly grown variety. This is an interesting hybrid of Allium ‘Purple Sensation' and Allium Cristophii. This plant owes its high standing among the gardeners to its spherical, huge clusters of flowers that take on a distinct, purple colour. This ornamental onion will appeal to every flowering plant lover. Large spherical inflorescences that measure up to 17 centimetres in diameter display their full beauty in June. We recommend to grow them in small groups on lawns and perennial borders, where they fill the gap between spring and early summer flowers. Attracting butterflies, bees, and other pollinating insects is only one of the great features of the "Purple Rain" onion. Its cut flowers remain fresh in vases for a long time. A composition of those purple balls will retain its great looks for up to two weeks. Dried aggregate fruit can be used in autumn and winter as home decorations.

Ornamental onion belongs to plants that are easy to grow. In order to ensure the spectacular blooming, plant it on a sunny site, in a permeable, fertile soil. Ornamental onion and garlic bulbs do not tolerate excess water and prefer sites that do not waterlog. They grow best in a sandy or sandy-loam soil. The most stunning plants grow in cool and wet weather. Ornamental onions react well to feeding with multi-component fertilizers. Their characteristic scent repels rats and voles from the garden. Do not forget that ornamental onions and garlics are bulbous plants. Their leaves start to die when they start to flower. We recommend to plant them in places where the bottom parts of the plant are covered by other species.

Onion bulbs should be planted in autumn, between September and November. This species winters well in the ground, it might require covering before the winter in colder regions only. Every few years the bulbs need to be excavated to separate the new bulblets to let them grow properly. Do it after the flowering season.

Quoted price is valid for one 30 bulb package of the "Purple Rain" ornamental onion sized 12/+ centimetres in circumference.

  • Variety: Purple Rain
  • Use: ornamental - garden, cut flower
  • Growth form: erect
  • Flower colour: purple
  • Vegetation form: perennial
  • Flower type: spherical, large clusters of flowers, up to 17 centimetres in diameter
  • Site: sunny; permeable, fertile, sandy-loam soil
  • Bulb size (circumference):: 12+ centimetres
  • Bulbs: 30
  • Flowering period: June
  • Planting period: September to November
  • Wintering in the ground?: yes

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