Shrub roses

Shrub roses, sometimes referred to as park roses, are ideally suited for growing in city parks and green spaces. There is no reason, however, not to grow them in home gardens. Resistance to diseases, frost and unfavourable weather conditions belongs to their most important advantages. Their fruit, leaves and shoots also present decorative value. They grow vigorously and may reach up to several meters in height. They also bloom abundantly.

You will find seedlings of many different shrub roses available in our store. They differ in habit, height, colour and shape of flowers, as well as the intended use in the garden. All seedlings available in our store are of premium quality. Please remember that, in order to grow and develop, roses need a favourable site. A partially sunny, wind-sheltered site with permeable and fertile soil would suit these plants best. Shrub roses should thrive in less favourable conditions, too, provided they are properly taken care of. These care measures are, however, not that demanding.

Shrub roses harmonise with many other garden plants. They look great planted at gazebos, on pergolas, alongside building walls, paths and even large containers. They fit both into rustic and English-style garden. Roses are exceptionally elegant, no wonder that they are called flower queens.

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