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Sweet Basil seeds - Ocimum basilicum - 650 seeds

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Sweet Basil is an annual plant that grows around 50 centimetres in height. Used as a seasoning are its aromatic leaves, which are harvested during the flowering period of this variety. The fresh leaves can be added to pickles, whereas the dried leaves are suitable for cheeses, salads, sauces, casseroles, roasted meat and fish. Due to their very strong aroma, it is recommended to use the leaves in fairly small amounts. Sweet Basil has medicinal qualities; this variety is known for its usefulness in treating urinary tract inflammation, while infusions of its leaves soothe cough.

Growing: sow the seeds in planter boxes in early April or directly into the soil in May. The seeds germinate in 10 to 14 days at 20-25°C. Plant out into a permanent position in rows in 30cm spacings in the second half of May (once the risk of frost is over). The plants love sunny positions that are protected from the wind.

Each packet contains one gram of seeds.
Each packet includes a growing guide and a sow-by date.

Approximately 650 seeds (+/- 20%)

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