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The ERGO C2000 splitting axe - 2 kg/74 cm - CELLFAST

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The Cellfast splitting axe is perfectly suited for preparing firewood. The model offered here is intended for logs with over 25 cm in diameter. It is ideal for experienced users and professional lumberjacks. This sturdy, powerful axe proves to be indispensable in many cases. The tool presented here has been equipped with a special protective casing that allows to carry and store the axe and sharpener safely. This durable, sturdy axe has been manufactured of premium quality materials and will therefore serve your dependably for years. Excellent, ergonomic design makes this tool both lightweight and perfectly balanced, enabling the user to operate it with one hand.

The blade has been manufactured of first-class induction-hardened steel, what ensures its extreme durability. The undetachable connection of the blade with the shaft guarantees works safety while performing the most strenuous tasks. The composite shaft has been additionally reinforced with fibreglass. It has been specially profiled and covered at almost whole length with a non-slip SAFETOUCH layer that ensures that the axe lies well in hand and is comfortable to use. A sturdy shaft offers almost complete cushioning of the hit, what significantly improves work comfort.

Length: 74.0 cm

Weight: 2.5 kg

  • Material: steel, composite plastic