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Dahlia Hartenaas

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Dahlia "Hartenas" (Dahlia) is a beautiful variety that belongs to the collarette group. The inflorescences consist of a yellow centre that is surrounded by pink petals forming a characteristic "collar". Long blooming period, spanning from beginning of July until October or even first frost, belongs to the most important advantages of this variety. These plants develop dense tufts that grow 50-70 cm tall. They may be universally used in different arrangements and even planted in large pots.

You may plant dahlia rhizomes at the end of April and beginning of May into permeable soil enriched with compost or mineral fertilizer. Choose a sunny and wind-sheltered site. These plants require plenty of water and therefore need to be regularly watered. Dahlias do not winter in the ground – dig out the rhizomes before the frost and store them in a cellar or other dark room.

One package contains 1 rhizome of the "Hartenas" dahlia. The most important growing instructions have been printed on each package.

  • Species: Dahlia
  • Variety: Dahlia
  • Bulbs: 1
  • Wintering in the ground: No
  • Height: 50 – 70 cm
  • Flowering period: VII – X
  • Planting period: IV – V
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