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EKO Vegetable, herb and fruit drip - organic fertilizer in a handy applicator - Agrecol® - 35 ml

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EKO Vegetable, herb and fruit drip is an innovative fertilizer, offered here in a convenient applicator. This organic fertilizer with a high, over 40% content of the organic matter, is fully safe for all open-air, greenhouse and container cultures. It is ready to use without the need to solve it in water, hence easy and convenient to use.

The formula of this fertilizer is based on a carefully assorted mixture of nutrients and organic compounds. This composition guarantees high yield of premium quality crops. These take on an appetizing colour and delight with juicy taste and excellent fragrance. Herbs fed with this product spread broadly and contain more essential oils. Apart from that our fertilizer enriches and rejuvenates the soil. Use of the drip fertilizer eliminates the risk of over fertilizing the plants.

Presented drip fertilizer belongs to the efficient, long lasting plant nutrients - irrespective of the pace, at which it sinks itn the soil, the nutrients it contains would remain active for one month. And you may immediately exchange an empty drip bottle with a new one.

The price quoted here is valid for one 35-ml applicator with the Eko Vegetable, herb and fruit drip from Agrecol®.