2 in 1 - Field pickling cucumber "Odys" and dill - SEED TAPE

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2 in 1 - Field pickling cucumber "Odys" and dill (Cucumis sativus and Anethum graveolens) - SEED TAPE - is the ideal combination for pickling and marinating cucumbers. Cucumber "Odys F1" is a very productive, medium early variety fitted for cultivation in the field. It stands out with high resistance to diseases and produces medium large, regularly shaped, short, slender fruit that do not deform. These cucumbers are delicious, crunchy and show not a hint of bitterness, what makes them a perfect pickling, gherkin and marinating material. Fresh young dill leaves may serve as aromatic seasoning to salads, potatoes, sauces and many other dishes. Dill aroma becomes stronger after blooming. The whole greens with unripe fruit is added to jars with marinated cucumbers.

Ready-to-use seed tapes provide an easy and quick way to start the culture. Cucumber and dill seeds have been evenly distributed on the stripes, what ensures proper conditions and spacings needed for unhampered growth of plants. You will sow both species at the same time. Seeds had been made of biodegradable material that decomposed fully in soil and does not influence the plants nor the environment. Unwind seed tapes in garden in rows 40 - 50 cm apart from April to May. Dig a 1 - 2 cm deep furrow in the ground, unreel the tape there, cover with a thin layer of soil and water thoroughly.

Each package contains 6 m of seed tape with "Odys" cucumber and dill seeds. The package information contains growing instructions and the sow-by date.

  • Use: pickling, marinating, gherkings; dill greens as seasoning
  • Quantity: 6 m of seed tape
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