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Gladiolus Pink Lady – 5 pcs

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Pink Lady gladiolus (Gladiolus) sports very large and beautifully coloured blooms that belong to the most attractive flowers that appear in summer on our borders. The large pink–white blooms form erect, slender inflorescences. This variety may grow 100 – 120 cm tall. Flowers develop gradually from July to end of August. Pink Lady gladiolus looks great in larger groupings in border centres accompanied by other plants that bloom in summer.

End of April and beginning of May is the perfect time for planting gladioli tubers in the ground. Choose a sunny and windshelered sites. These plants tolerate partial shade, but bloom significantly poorer there. The soil needs to be fertile and rich in humus, we encourage you to use mineral fertilizer or compost in the spring. Gladioli do not winter outside in our climate. Dig out the tubers at the beginning of October the latest and store indoors over the winter.

There are 5 pieces of the Pink Lady gladiolus bulbs sized 12–14 cm in each package. The most important growing instructions are printed on each package.

  • Species: Gladiolus
  • Variety: Gladiolus
  • Bulbs: 5
  • Bulb size: 12 – 14 cm
  • Wintering in the ground: No
  • Height: 100 – 120 cm
  • Flowering period: VII – VIII
  • Planting period: IV – V