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Iris George – large pack! – 100 pcs

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Netted iris (Iris reticulata) George belongs to the tiny, charming iris varieties. This plant produces slender, erect stems with one or two long, sabre–shaped, green leaves. The short stem is crowned with a surprisingly large, plum–purple flower. The lower petals of the blooms take on a darker, deeper colouring than the upper ones and are decorated with few yellow speckles with white edgings. The variety presented here is recommended for cultivation in rock gardens and on borders covered with turfing plants due to its sized, early flowering period (March–April) and extraordinary ornamental value. It looks great combined with other low growing irises with contrastingly coloured blooms such as the White iris.

George iris prefers sunny or partially shady sites. It needs a light, not too compact, yet fertile soil, preferably with slightly basic reaction. The bulbs should be planted in autumn, from September to October. They should be dug out and stored in a dry place after the flowers have wilted. The optimal planting depth is 8 cm and optimal spacings – 8 x 8 cm.

One package contains 100 bulbs sized 5–6 cm. The bulbs offered in our store were manufactured in the Netherlands.

  • Species: Iris
  • Variety: Iris reticulata
  • Bulbs: 100
  • Bulb size: 5 – 6 cm
  • Flowering period: III – IV
  • Planting period: IX – X
  • Planting depth: 8 cm
  • Planting distance: 8 cm
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