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Ixia -Spotlight - 25 pcs; corn lily

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Ixia "Spotlight" is a highly ornamental and rather rare bulbous perennial plant. Flowers that bloom in the first half of summer will adorn sunny spots in gardens. An intriguing petal pattern belongs to the most important advantages of this variety. Simple, modest foliage allows for multiple arrangement possibilities.

This variety blooms white. On the outer sides of the three broad petals there are pink smudges. There is a large crimson-red eye in the middle, forming a background for the pistils and stamen. Flowers sit, gathered in groups of dozens, atop short stalks and build inflorescences in form of loose ears. These plants grow 50 – 60 cm tall depending on the conditions.

Ixia grows best on a moderately fertile, permeable, slightly sandy soil. Due to its African origin it prefers sunny sites, but tolerates partial shade. You should not expose it to wind gales. Tight covering of the bulbs before the winter is strongly recommended. Choose natural materials: tree bark, straw, mulch for this kind of protection. Fertilization right before blooming stimulates development of the blooms.

Striped blooms will adorn borders in your garden. We recommend to plant them both in single-variety groups and combine with differently coloured cultivars. These plants look great at the background of dark green plants. They are perfect for smaller arrangements in the secluded garden spots. Ixias are often recommended for cultivation in containers. All arrangements including their blooms are a nice balcony decoration. Their colourful blooms retain freshness for a long time and are therefore recommended for cut flowers.

  • Species: Ixia
  • Bulbs: 25
  • Wintering in the ground: Yes
  • Height: 50 – 60 cm
  • Flowering period: VI – VII