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Jar sprouter - sprout-growing container - 400 ml + FREE GIFT

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The jar sprouter is a very comfortable, aesthetic, carefully finished container intended for growing delicious sprouts at home. It consists of glass, geometrically shaped container. One of the sides is truncated, what allows you to place the sprouter at a certain angle that provides the sprouting seeds with optimal air - water conditions. The lid is manufactured of a metal ring and mesh. This magnificent solution enables the user to rinse the seeds without removing the lid.

This sprouter has been manufactured of high quality glass - hygienic material that ensures access to light and maintaining proper temperature. It is dishwasher safe, what allows you to quickly get rid of germs and sow a new portion of sprouting seeds.

Using the jar sprouter is a true pleasure. You only need to soak them in water overnight, drain and place in a warm and bright spot. Do not forget to rinse the culture with water 2 - 3 times a day. This cultivation method prevents mould from spreading and helps the seed capsule to break.

This 400-ml jar sprouter allows you to grow lesser amounts of sprouts than the multi-tray sprouters. This should be considered an advantage by all those who like to try out new sprouting seed species and value freshness.

We add a FREE GIFT - radish sprouting seeds - to this jar sprouter. This set is everything you need to start your own sprout growing adventure!

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