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Protective footwear

The Protective footwear category allows you to find comfortable shoes for gardening work and trips to the countryside. See for yourself, what useful products you will find in this section.

We recommend to invest in the well fitting protective footwear for the sake of the comfort and safety of your feet. They will make work more enjoyable and less tiring. You will be finally able to move across the allotment or garden – where ordinary shoes would often fail you – swiftly and safely.

Our shop offers various kinds of protective footwear: clogs, wellingtons and insulated wellingtons. Feet in these shoes will be protected from even harshest working conditions. Mud, rain, high grass or shrubs will not pose a problem to you any more. Insulated models will definitely come in handy during the autumn – winter season or in the spring, when rain tends to surprise you time and again and the temperatures are still relatively low. Proper shoes will prevent your feet from getting wet and cold. Protective footwear proves to be absolutely necessary while attending farm animals and working in the field. Insulated wellingtons will come in handy on construction sites, too. You will definitely find a product that meets all your requirements in our wide assortment.

Protective footwear needs to fit the type of work, has to be both comfortable and durable in order to keep you safe at all times. Gardening shoes also need to be stiff enough, so they remain resistant to external factors and fully protect your feet, and sometimes calves. They should be easy to put on and free of any grappling parts.

The garden needs to be taken care of all year round, hence your feet need protection that fits any given season. Clogs are perfect for summers and springs. They offer good ventilation while protecting the toes effectively. Higher wellingtons come in hand in the rainy autumn weather. We recommend the insulated models for winter – they prove to be useful for shovelling snow out of your driveway or freeing the plants from the overweight snow cover.

Do not wait and invest in a few pairs of protective footwear for different conditions. Choose from comfortable models that protect from the humidity, cold, mud and injuries. Our online stores offers a wide selection of protective shoes and boots at competitive prices, whether for ladies, men or children. You would not believe, how many products await you here, until you have seen them all. We invite you for a convenient shopping tour.