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Red tree lily - XL pack! - 50 pcs

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The red-flowered tree lily (Lilium OT) belongs to the main candidates for the central spot in flower bed arrangements thanks to its erect habit, extreme abundance of large dark red and speckled flowers. The variety offered here in our store, a hybrid of a trumpet and oriental lily, grows 150 to 200 cm tall and develops huge clusters of flowers. More than 20 single blooms could develop atop a single stem. They take on a shape of deep large bowls and consist of six fleshy tongue shaped satin petals. Large anthers gathered in a dense bundle protrude from the centre of the flower. Their pale green colour tremendously contrasts with the scarlet colour of the petals. The whole plant delights with its slender habit and because the erect long stem is covered with shiny dark green leaves across the whole length there are no empty spots that could destroy the magnificent visual effect.

Despite its extreme size the hardy red-flowered tree lily belongs to the representatives of its species that are the easiest to grow. It is rather undemanding when it comes to the soil reaction and type. As all bulb plants it needs permeable soil to develop healthily. Every humous, deeply cultivated garden soil with high water capacity will suit it fine. Lilies like to develop flowers in the sun and have the roots covered by shade, hence all sites that remain in shade for parts of the day suit them well. They will also grow abundantly on sunny sites, but you should then provide them with a company of lower growing bed plants that will cast shade onto the ground. The red tree lily looks exceptionally well as the background for perennials that develop tuft habit - daylilies, phloxes, peonies and speedwells. It will also form exotic compositions with canna lily and look great among tall plants with ornamental foliage, such as Hosta. Its stems can be cut and used as fresh bouquets. Those cut at the beginning of the flowering period will remain in vases for a long time.

A single package contains 50 extra large bulbs of the red tree lily, sized 20/22 cm. You will find the essential plant growing instructions on every package.

  • Use: ornamental - garden, cut flower
  • Growth form: erect
  • Flower colour: red
  • Vegetation form: perennial
  • Foliage: shiny, narrow, dark green leaves
  • Flower type: bowl-shaped, gathered in large clusters
  • Site: sunny, with bottom parts in the shade; permeable, humous, moist soil
  • Bulb size (circumference):: 20/22 cm
  • Bulbs: 50
  • Height: 150 to 200 cm
  • Wintering in the ground: yes

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