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Balkan anemone - Blue Splendour - 8 pcs; Grecian windflower, winter windflower

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The Blue Splendour Balkan anemone (Anemone blanda) belongs to the latest and the most stunning varieties of this species. It stands out with exceptionally large, daisy-shaped flowers that take on an unusual blue colour. The cool colour of the petals is beautifully underscored by a white ring that surrounds the yellow, convex centre of the flower. The perennial presented here in our garden store grows 10 to 15 cm tall and still manages to captivate with the abundance of its charming blooms. It blooms abundantly and reliably from the end of March through April. Its feathery, dentate leaves are also ornamental. The tufts of blue flowered anemones can adorn the front of a flower bed, an edging and even a lawn in a naturalistic garden. These plants can also be grown in pots and planters.

The Balkan anemone cultures will thrive on every sunny or partially shady site with a permeable, moderately fertile soil. Plant the Balkan anemones in autum. Make sure that the soil is properly drained - a handful of gravel will do the trick for each plant. We recommend to plant the bulbs of this anemone in larger groupings, particularly when you intend to achieve a colourful plant carpet. We recommend to combine this light blue variety with the purple Violet Star anemone. The sunny-yellow jonquils, the botanical white, pink and purple hyacinths, blue Bossier's-glory-of-the-snow and the spring snowflake will also provide a great company for the presented plant.

Each package contains 8 bulbs of the Blue Splendour Balkan anemone sized 5 to 6 cm. The essential plant growing information is printed on each package.

  • Variety: Blue Splendour
  • Use: ornamental
  • Flower colour: blue with a yellow centre
  • Vegetation form: perennial
  • Foliage: feathery and dentat
  • Flower type: daisy-shaped
  • Site: sunny or partial shade; permeable, moderately moist soil
  • Bulbs: 8
  • Height: 10 - 15 cm
  • Flowering period: March - April
  • Planting period: autumn