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Basil "Palla Compatto" - 293 seeds

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Basil "Palla Compatto" (Ocimum basilicum) develops branched tufts densely covered with leaves that take on compact, round habit and grow 30 cm tall. Basil leaves are green and small, 1 cm long on average. They excrete a very strong aroma. Young basil leaves are universally used in the kitchen in sauces, as seasoning to meat, fish, cheese and casseroles. Basil added to dishes stimulates appetite and beneficially affects the digestive system, acts as diastolic agent, positively affects focus, soothes and acts as mild anti-depressant. It is also a valuable melliferous plant. Grown in vicinity of other plants it repels nematodes and insects that attack plants. In Greece it is put close to doors and windows, because its strong aroma keeps flies at bay.

Palla Compatto basil is grown from seedlings or direct sow to the permanent site. In order to produce seedlings, you should sow in April onto seeding trays under covers. The emergence occurs within 7 - 14 days in temperature between 20 and 25°C. After the plants have developed 2 - 3 pairs of true leaves and have grown circa 5 cm tall they may be transplanted to the permanent site. This usually takes place in the second half of May. If you wish to grow basil from direct sow, sow seeds after May 15th in rows 20 - 30 cm apart when the risk of frosts has passed. Basil leaves are harvested gradually from July to September. This plant requires warm, wind-sheltered, bright sites that are, however, not directly exposed to the sun. The soil should be permeable, fertile, humous, constantly moderately moist and with slightly acidic reaction. You may strengthen the plants with a dab of compost at the time of transplanting to the permanent site. Basil "Palla Compatto" may be grown in the field, but it also thrives in containers on balconies. You may even grow it in winter at home on sunny windowsills.

A package contains 0.5 g of "Palla Compatto" basil seeds, as well as the sow-by date and a growing guide.

  • Weight: 0.5 g
  • Height: 30 cm
  • Use: seasoning; melliferous plant
  • Harvest time: July - September in outdoor cultivation; all year long when cultivated indoors in cotainers
  • Foliage: small
  • Site: warm, wind-sheltered, bright; permeable, fertile, humous, constantly moderately moist soil with slightly acidic reaction

Approximately 293 seeds (+/- 20%)

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