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Blueberry Hortiphoska - an easy to use and efficient fertilizer - Agrecol® - 1 kg

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Blueberry Hortiphoska is an easy to apply and truly effective fertilizer. It is delivered to you by the renown gardening brand Agrecol®. Presented preparation is perfectly suited not only for blueberies, but for all acidophilic plants, such as rhododendrons, heaths and heathers, too.

Blueberry Hortiphoska offers the best method of maintaining slightly acidic soil pH that the above mentioned plants require. Stabilization of soil acidity guarantees high blueberry yield. Presented fertilizer contains, apart from the standard components: nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, micronutrients that improve plant development and stimulate abundant growth: magnesium, boron, copper, iron or zinc. Thanks to these compounds plants develop strong root systems and are therefore better prepared for unfavourable weather conditions, i.e. drought. It also influences the colour saturation and size of flowers.

Apply this fertilizer from early spring to mid June only. Fertilization with the presented blueberry hortiphoska brings best results when repeated every 3-4 weeks.

The package contains 1 kg of powdered fertilizer, as well as the best-before date and detailed instructions of use.

Fertilizer application rate:
• Young plants - use 20 grams per 1 m2
• Mature plants - use 30-40 grams per each 1 m2
Mix the fertilizer with the upper layer of the soil and water the site thoroughly. Apply from March to the middle of June every 30 days.