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Brown anti-weed fleece (agrotextile) - for mulching - 0.80 x 10.00 m

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This durable, brown anti-weed fleece (agrotextile) is intended for mulching. It proves to be extremely useful in setting up gardens as it is an efficient weed controlling method. Thanks to the use of appropriate materials in production our product stands out with excellent parameters that predestine it for garden use. The fleece, agrotextile allows water and fertilizers penetrate into the soil and provide the plants with the necessary nutrients, at the same time blocking the excessive evaporation and allowing for the proper air circulation in order to maintain the desired humidity.

Covering the fleece (agrotextile) with ornamental gravel, stones or bark is a great idea that will make your garden more attractive and extend the life of the fleece. You may also use in vegetable, strawberry and wild strawberry cultures.

Brown fleece (agrotextile) is perfectly fitted for use with natural bark mulch.

One package contains brown anti-weed fleece (agrotextile) sized 0.80 x 10.00 m.

  • Width: 0.8 m
  • Length: 10 m