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Curved saw - QuikFit - FISKARS; with a hook

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This curved saw is intended for pruning branches and twigs in the hardly accessible spots. The distinguishing characteristics of the presented tool is the hook-shaped ending that prevents the saw from sliding off the wood during work. It will also help you to collect the already cut branches. A blade mounted at the base of the saw ensures precise cutting at the bottom. This carefully finished, sturdy tool will become your reliable partner in tree and shrub maintenance for years to come. It does not require much space and therefore facilitates keeping your tool shed tidy.

This curved saw is compatible with the telescopic 220 to 400 cm long telescopic handle.

The exchangeable heads with a universal adapter handle allow you to enjoy a variety of first class tools. These tools are equipped with a unique, double lock system that enables you to mount the working head quickly and securely. The broad assortment of QuikFit tools makes finding the right tool for any given task possible and therefore reduce the number of gardening equipment and facilitate maintaining order in your tool shed or box. The selection of the working heads is truly immense. You will find both the most popular and more specialized tools among them. The possibility to use a variety of handles makes the QuikFit system the unmatched gardening tools solution of excellent quality.

Length: 56 cm