Hand saws

Hand saws are absolutely necessary for cutting thick branches and logs. You will find a wide assortment of these tools here at our store. Choose the model that ideally meets your needs from the list below!

Every gardener and allotment owner knows that even the best lopper would not handle larger branches and trees. So if you prepare to thin out shrubs and tree crowns, you might need a sturdy 24’’ SW31 bow saw. Its blade has been profiled especially to swiftly glide through thick branches and logs in both directions. A lightweight, ergonomic frame allows you to precisely manoeuvre with the tool even at hardly accessible places. Purchasing this device effectively solves the problem of cutting branches! You will also find spare bow saw blades in the most popular sizes at our online store. We recommend the Caterpillar lopper with a saw, possible to mount on every shaft, for cutting up to 32-mm thick branches high above the ground. Are you looking for a multi-purpose blade? The Xtract S (small) or Xtract L (large) garden saw will meet your requirements. They may be used both for shaping and sanitary operation in orchards and for cutting planks and boards. Thanks to the foldable blades both these models are handy and do not need much storage space. Take a look at our other products, too. We certainly have the tools you are looking for on stock!

We offer tools from highly acclaimed and respected manufacturers. You will find Fiskars saws at competitive prices at our garden store. Do not miss out on this chance!