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Fertilizer capsules for flowering plants - convenient and effective - Agrecol - 18 pcs

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The fertilizer capsules for flowering plants from Agrecol quickly and effectively improve the look of the said plants. They are exceptionally convenient in use as they are water soluble. You do not have to dose the fertilizer or get in contact with it. All you need to do is to put a capsule into a watering can that holds the appropriate amount of water. These capsules are completely biodegradable. They provide the plants with a full set of nutrients in the optimal doses that are adjusted to the specific needs of flowering plants. The highly concentrated formula is rich in macro- and micronutrients that are supplied in the highly available, chelated form. These capsules are suited for plants grown on a balcony, at home, and in the garden. Presented fertilizer ensures bright green colouring, abundant blooming and production of buds. Your plants will delight with high vigour and health, while you will spare yourself the tiresome measuring fertilizer doses.

Apply this fertilizer during the entire vegetation period, every ten to fourteen days from March to October. One capsule can be dissolved in five litres of water. Wait until the capsule dissolves in the container and water the plants only then.

One package contains 18 capsules with the flowering plants' fertilizer.