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Gladiolus "Rhapsody in Blue" - 5 pcs

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The "Rhapsody in Blue" gladiolus is a spectacular, stunning variety producing bicolour blooms. The bright pink petals wonderfully harmonise with the white perianth of the flower. Large inflorescences in form of one-sided, symmetrical ears sit atop slender, stiff stalks. Spiky, sword-shaped, linear leaves develop on the stems underneath the blooms. This plant owes its Latin and scientific name to the form of the foliage. The bottom-placed flower buds open the earliest. The "Rhapsody in Blue" gladiolus blooms in July and August and grows to a maximum height of 120 cm. The gladioli offered here in our garden store will look stunning at border background, combined with other plants or grown in large single-species groupings. The slender, erect habit of the gladioli may be additionally accentuated by planting them alongside hedges and fences. Gladioli are great cut flowers valued highly by the florists.

We recommend to grant these plants a wind-sheltered, sunny site. Gladioli are not demanding in regard to the soil type. They prefer fertile, permeable and moderately moist soils and tolerate neutral to slightly acidic reaction. They react well to fertilizing, especially with organic fertilizers. This species is not frost hardy and you need to excavate the bulbs before autumn frosts.

One package contains 5 tubers of the "Rhapsody in Blue" gladiolus variety sized 12-14. Basic growing instructions have been included in the package information.

  • Variety: Rhapsody in Blue
  • Use: Ornamental - gardens, cut flower
  • Growth form: erect
  • Flower type: Large inflorescences in form of one