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Radish, elongated roots variety mix - SEED TAPE

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Radish, elongated roots variety mix (Raphanu sativus) - SEED TAPE is a great solution for a small garden and for those who choose to grow plants in containers. Thanks to this selection you will grow a diverse and colourful harvest. It contains exceptionally attractive roots varieties that produce elongated, cylindrical roots. They differ in peel colour and taste. You will harvest both these tenderly and savoury tasting. They will take on white, pink or red colour. Colourful radishes will add colour and flavour to many dishes.

Radishes are very easy in cultivation and totally undemanding. Using ready-made seed tapes will make your gardening tasks even easier. The seeds have been placed on the strips in optimal spacings that guarantee proper growth of the plants. Thinning seedlings after the emergence will not be necessary. Radish seeds on a tape should be placed to the ground from beginning of March to end of May, enabling you to harvest the roots in the spring, or in August, for the autumn sow. Place the seed tapes in the ground in rows 10 - 20 cm apart, cover them with the soil and water abundantly. The tapes have been produced of a material that will decompose completely, doing no harm to the crops, nor to the environment.

Each package contains 6 m of seed tape with elongated radish variety mix seeds. The package information contains growing instructions and the sow-by date.

  • Use: direct, raw consumption
  • Quantity: 6 m of seed tape
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