Red-flowered, red-leaved wax begonia (fibrous begonia)

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The red-flowered, red-leaved wax begonia (Begonia semperflorens) comes from Brazil. It produces beautiful, unusually shaped flowers that are equally perfectly fitted for cultivation in home gardens and decorating of public space. The cultivar available in our store grows 15 - 25 cm tall and develops a compact, erect habit. Shining, dark red leaves only add to its charm. This plant produces single, four-petal blooms that take on deep carmine-red colour, that is however slightly paler than the leaves. The undemanding, easy in cultivation red-flowered red-leaved wax begonia would fit into flower beds and thanks to its relatively modest size it may also be planted on edgings and in rock gardens. You may also grow it in boxes on balconies and in large, ornamental bowls. It looks particularly attractive in company of the greyish silver ragwort.

Wax begonia seeds may be sown in winter or early in spring at home or in a greenhouse. Young seedlings should be often sprinkled with water and pricked out twice. Transplant them to the permanent site in the second half of May, preferably in 15 x 20 cm spacings. The soil for the Begonia semperflorens cultures needs to be fertile and acidic. Choose a sunny site, although the plant will also grow in partial shade, the more sunlight it receives, the more blooms it will develop. Begonias bloom from June to late autumn.

Packages available in our store contain 0.05 g of seeds.

  • Weight: 0.05 g
  • Height: 15 - 25 cm
  • Use: ornamental - edgings, rock gardens, flower beds, pots
  • Flowering period: June - late autumn
  • Growth form: compact, erect
  • Flower colour: red
  • Foliage: dark red
  • Flower type: single, four-petal
  • Site: sunny or partially shady; fertile, acidic soil
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