Tomato "Pikador" - field, pear-shaped, very fleshy variety

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Tomato "Pikador" (Solanum lycopersicum) is a field, high productive variety producing fruit with intensely red flesh that are great for preserves. Nice, slightly elongated tomatoes that resemble pears in shape, are firm, hard and weigh 50 - 60 g. They develop in clusters and thanks to their resistance to breaking the crops are always of high quality and resistant to mould. You may gain even 6 kg of juicy, great looking tomatoes from a single plant. Cultivation of this presented variety is much easier since it belongs to unproblematic determinate tomato varieties.

Seeds of the "Pikador" tomato should be sown in spring at home, under glass, in a mini greenhouse or on a hotbed. Seedlings are transferred to the permanent, sunny, sheltered site with warm, humous, moist and permeable soil after the last spring frosts. You will start to harvest fruit rich in vitamins, kalium and the anti-cancer agent lycopene in July. Nicely shaped tomatoes with firm flesh can be stored and are particularly fitted for production of purees, juices, sauces, soups and ketchup.

One package contains 1 g of "Pikador" tomato seeds. The package information contains a growing guide and the sow-by date.

  • Weight: 1 g
  • Use: preserves; processing
  • Growth form: determinate
  • Site: sunny, sheltered; warm, humous, moist, permeable soil
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