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Winter protection plant cover, hood - 2.20 x 2.40 m

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This large - 2.2 x 2.4 m - winter plant protection cover offers a great solution for protection your garden plants from harmful influence of the atmospheric conditions. Thanks to this cover the species prone to freezing will not be harmed by frost, wind gusts and snowfall that all could damage the shoots. A protective hood will definitely help you secure plants that winter in the ground and in containers. This lightweight, convenient-in-use product can be easily pulled over the plant and thanks to the line at the bottom can be attached to a stem or trunk. This solution ensures that the cover stays in place during the winter and the plant will survive unharmed.

The offered product has been manufactured of agrotextile that allows free air and water circulation, hence does not infringe with the proper natural growing rhythm and physiological processes in plants. The material is weatherproof and can be used during subsequent seasons.

The price quoted here is valid for one winter plant protection cover, hood, sized 2.20 x 2.40 m.