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Crocus Firefly - 10 pcs.

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"Firefly" crocus belongs to the most striking plants on borders in early spring. It is easy to grow and exceptionally ornamental. These small, yet cheerful flowers will change your garden and bring much life into it.

Subtle, purple-blue flowers with yellow perianth appear atop single, straight stalks. The semi-spherical or cup-shaped flower heads eagerly spread their petals in the sun. They are surrounded by narrow, brightly coloured leaves. A stamen with corrugated stigma and a whorl of pistils are positioned in the middle of the flower.

You will achieve the best results by planting several plants together. They would then form colourful tufts. "Firefly" crocus is tiny and grows only 8-10 cm tall, what only adds to its charm. We recommend to plant it on a well-kept lawn, surrounded by trees and shrubs. They fit perfectly into rock gardens, look great on border edges, but may also fill boxes and pots. Blooming takes place in March and April.

Crocus bulbs should find their place in the garden from September to October. They develop well in the sun and partial shade. Plant them 10-15 cm deep. The soil should have regulated water conditions, rich in nutrients and moderately moist. Bulbs winter in the ground. They need to be excavated every 3-4 years.

The package contains 10 bulbs of the "Firefly" crocus. Basic plant and growing information is printed on the package label.

  • Species: Crocus
  • Bulbs: 10
  • Wintering in the ground: Yes
  • Height: 8 – 10 cm
  • Flowering period: III – IV
  • Planting period: VIII – X
  • Planting depth: 10 – 15 cm