Gladiolus 'Indian Summer' - Large Pack! - 50 pcs.

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Explore the allure of the 'Indian Summer' Gladiolus, offered in a Large Pack of 50 bulbs, each bearing the promise of transforming your garden with its stunning display. Celebrated for its deep peach to velvety copper petals, highlighted with lighter tones near the throat, these blooms present a breathtaking spectacle. Each flower, nearly 12 centimeters in diameter, gracefully unfurls along one side of the robust stems, reaching up to 120 cm in height.

This variety's charm extends beyond the garden; 'Indian Summer' Gladiolus makes for exquisite cut flowers, bringing the warmth of late summer indoors. For those looking to create an impactful focal point within their borders or seeking to add a touch of elegance to their home, this Gladiolus is a versatile choice.

To cultivate these beauties, plant the bulbs after the last frost of spring, typically around late April or early May. They prefer sun-drenched spots and thrive in fertile, well-draining soil. Ensuring regular watering and timely fertilization during their growth period is key to their vibrant display.

With the onset of the first frosts, it's advisable to lift the bulbs, trim away the foliage and roots, and allow them to dry in a cool, airy space. Storing them in a dark, dry, and cool location over winter will safeguard them until the next planting season.

Embrace the 'Indian Summer' Gladiolus in your garden or floral arrangements for an injection of its unique colour palette and captivating beauty. With each pack providing 50 bulbs, complete with detailed planting and care instructions, enriching your outdoor or indoor spaces has never been easier.

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