Headstone cleaning and maintenance

Taking care of graves may become easier and less time consuming still today - visit the Headstone cleaning and maintenance department in order to see, what we have prepared for you!

We offer a wide variety of accessories that facilitate these activities. Do not miss out on the headstone and tombstone cleaning agents. The high quality Grobex lotion effectively removes stains and at the same time preserves marble and terrazzo. Would you prefer using a paste or wet wipes, you will find the appropriate products here, too. Equip yourself with special gloves that will protect your hands from chemical cleaning agents. You can choose from various models, all made of first grade materials. You will definitely need a large bucket and a solid waste bag. If you intend to get rid of weeds that that grow in the slits between cobble stone, you do not have to uproot them - the Roundup agent will take care of them

You will purchase all these accessories at competitive prices in the Headstone cleaning and maintenance department of our online store. Get to know our offer and shop online - in the quick, easy and innovative manner!