Hunter's pots

Hunter's pots are en vogue again – learn more about a simple way of preparing excellent meals outdoors. Take a look, order, try out and the tasty hotpot stews will become a stable part in your festive menu!

Our online store offers high quality iron hunter's pots manufactured with the pressure casting technology. The effective production method and extremely durable material that all parts of a pot have been made of guarantee their dependability. We give affordable prices for bonfire pots supplied by a renown producer. You will never be dissatisfied with the quality we offer. Take a look! A 5 or 8-litre cast iron hunter's pot – bonfire pot is the best choice for beginners. Have you already tasted roasted stews and plan to invite a group of friends to your party, order large 11 or 16-litre pot. You will also find enamelled cast iron pots, that are as durable and reliable, yet easier to clean, in our store. Our hunter's pots are easy to use: each consists of a pot, a fitting lid, a strong lid handle and stable legs that you may easily remove, if needed. Stews prepared in a hunter's pot delight with the taste, are healthy and surprise with the rich aroma. What is even more important, they do not require constant stirring and checking. A pot made of cast iron offers a great solution for all barbecue lovers who are tired of watching over the grilled food all the time. Our pots will allow you to party outside even on colder days, because the accumulate and conduct heat efficiently. Would you like to learn more? Check out product descriptions and brows through the images!

Buy a bonfire pot at an affordable price and make your evenings in the garden even more enjoyable. We kindly invite you to browse through our offer and wish you an enjoyable feast!