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Oak chips - 20 g

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Presented Oak chips are made from a French variety of oak that has been used in cooperage for centuries. This product is used for aging home wines and other alcohols, in order to give them a unique flavour and aroma. It is a convenient and inexpensive form of improving the quality of self-produced liquors. Oak chips are a great alternative to traditional oak barrels. Dark roasted chips presented here give the home-made liquors the aroma of an oak barrel and a subtle aftertaste of vanilla and ground coffee. Natural wooden flakes are an indispensable addition in the process of flavouring and maturing of home wines, brandy, mead, liqueurs and vodkas. They allow you to achieve a deep, more varied flavour. Do not hesitate and try them out the next time you go on creating your own wines and distillates.

Dark roasted oak chips made of the best varieties of French oak guarantee a perfect taste of home-made liquors. They are ideally suited for aging ready-made alcohols, but can also be used at the fermentation stage. The recommended dose is 2-5 g per 1 litre of liquid. The time of application varies from several days to several months. We strongly recommend trying out different oak chips varieties in order to see, which one suits your taste preferences best.

Each package contains 20 g oak wood chips.