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Orchid fertilizer - handy spikes - Substral® - 3 x 5 g

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Orchid fertilizer from Substral®, available in form of handy spikes (3 x 5 g) offers an interesting alternative to dry fertilizer sticks. One spike, consisting of an NPK fertilizer and magnesium, will remain active for up to 6 months! Already one application will feed your orchid for half a year. This preparation comprehensively feeds orchids and dissolves slowly, preventing plants from root burn. A fertilizer spike is easy to use, exceptionally efficient and effective. Orchids supplemented with it have shiny, vividly coloured leaves, well developed roots and - the most important feature - numerous, large, vividly coloured blooms.

Instructions of use: put the spike into the soil, between plant roots. It will dissolve gradually with every watering and slowly release a dose of the complete balanced fertilizer.

The price quoted here is valid for three orchid fertilizer spikes, weighing 5 g each. 1 spike will fertilize a 10-cm pot. This is an original Substral® product.