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Orchid fertilizer sticks - 3 month action

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Orchid fertilizer sticks - 3 month action

Composition of these orchid fertilizer sticks ensures stable, healthy growth, strengthens plants and guarantees magnificent blooming of the orchids that adorn your home.
Special structure of each fertilizer stick enables slow-release and long-lasting operation, what perfectly suits needs of orchids. Stick's coating may still be seen after the full fertilization cycle (90 days), but it will gradually dissolve.

Each package contains the instructions of use, with the production date and best-before date clearly indicated in the product information.

A package contains 12 fertilizer sticks.

Application method:
1 stick per a 10 - 13 cm pot every 3 months. 1 stick per 1 litre of soil in case of larger plants. Apply half of the dose from November to February.