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Duchesse de Nemours peony - seedling

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The Duchesse de Nemours peony is a popular and valued variety that produces snow-white flowers. The impressing diameter of its blooms that reaches 15 to 20 centimetres results from a stunning combination of broad petals at the base of the flower and narrower petals in the centre. The dome or pompom-shaped flower can also be slightly waved what adds even more volume to it. The magnificent, classic white colour shows hints of yellowish-green at the peak of the flowering period. Yet another advantage of the presented plant is the subtle scent of the flowers. Leathery, dark green, and dentate leaves provide a wonderful background for the white, spherical flowers. This variety grows up to one metre tall. Even though the stalks of this marvellous peony are stiff, they might require supports as they tend to bend or even break under the weight of the flowers. The light, subtle blooms enrich flower arrangements and add lightness and freshness to them. The Duchesse de Nemours peony harmonises well with other peony varieties and other plants alike. It belongs to peonies that are commonly grown as cut flower.

Peony rhizomes develop best in permeable, sandy-clay, and moist soil. Peony requires a site that is sheltered from the wind and sunny. You can grow it partial shade and prolong the flowering period that way. Peony belongs to hardy plants that do not like being transplanted. The Duchesse de Nemours peony is a plant that would adorn your garden for years and can easily become every gardener's pride.

The price is valid for one seedling of the Duchesse de Nemours peony. Basic plant information and growing tips were printed on the packaging label.

  • Height: 100 cm
  • Use: ornamental - garden, cut flower
  • Growth form: erect
  • Flower colour: white
  • Vegetation form: perennial
  • Foliage: leathery, dark green, dentate
  • Flower type: spherical, large, 15 to 20 cm in diameter
  • Site: sun or partial shade; permeable, sandy-clay, moist soil
  • Quantity: 1