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Treasure Flower, Gazania mix seeds - Gazania rigens - 75 seeds

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This is a mix of the Treasure Flower, which is also known as Gazania. It is an annual plant that grows 30 to 40 centimetres in height, with reclining shoots and glamorous flowers that come in several colours, including yellow, orange, red or brown. The beautiful decorative flowers tend to close in cloudy days. With a flowering period from July to October, the Treasure Flower is highly recommended for rockeries, borders or flower beds.

Growing: sow the seeds under cover from February to March. Plant out into a permanent position in May. Grow the plants in sunny positions in 25x30cm spacings. This variety thrives in dry fertile permeable soils. Each gram contains around 200 to 400 seeds.

Each packet contains 0.8g of seeds.
Each packet includes a growing guide and a sow-by date.

Approximately 75 seeds (+/- 20%)

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