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Conifer nutrient - BIOPON® - 250 ml

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Conifer fertilizer - BIOPON® - 250 ml

Presented conifer fertilizer from BIOPON®, available here in 250 ml packages, is intended for watering cut trees and those kept in pots. It prolongs life of cut Christmas trees and improves appearance of those growing in containers. Carefully prepared composition provides better nourishing and water supply to all twigs and branches. Thanks to that feature needles maintain their fresh green colour for a long time and do not dry. Regularne stosowanie odżywki dostępnej w naszym sklepie internetowym przeciwdziała żółknięciu i opadaniu igieł. Christmas trees and other conifers will remain beautiful and fresh for a long time. Their unforgettable, one one only aroma will stay at your home.

Presented nutrient is available in form of a liquid concentrate that needs to be dissolved in water. Pour the prepared solution into the stand in which your tree will be fastened. Before putting the tree there, trim the bottom of the trunk by at least 2 cm. This will ensure better absorption of the solution by the tree. You need refill the nutrient solution regularly in order not to let the tree dry off. In case of potted conifers the nutrient needs to be applied with every watering.

The package contains 250 ml of conifer nutrient from BIOPON®, as well as the best-before date and detailed instructions of use.