Hippeastrum – Amaryllis – Red – GIANT bulb

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Hippeastrum – red amaryllis – GIANT bulb (Hippeastrum) will definitely become the main attraction of your living room. Hippeastrum, commonly yet confusingly called amaryllis, one of the most beautiful and highly regarded pot flowers, is now available in XXXL size. Large bulbs that you will find in our offer guarantee long and abundant blooming. You only need to place them in a medium–deep pot, alone or in a smaller grouping in order to enjoy the erect, shiny stalks that end with magnificent clusters of the cup–shaped flowers within weeks.

This presented variety produces deep, funnel–shaped blooms that consist of triangularly ending, red petals. One plant produces up to 5 blooms, while the specimens growing from smaller bulbs develop 1 to 3 flower cups at a time. Large, narrow, dark green, shiny hippeastrum leaves also display high ornamental value. The beautifully blooming giant amaryllis remains in good condition for a long time and will regularly and reliably bloom as long you protect it from lower temperatures and store it in cooler place, such as cellar or unheated, enclosed porch, during the dormancy stage after its leaves have dried off.

The package contains 1 giant hippeastrum – red amaryllis bulb sized 38–40 cm in circumference. There are growing instructions printed on every package.

  • Species: Hippeastrum
  • Bulbs: 1
  • Bulb size: 38 – 40 cm cm
  • Wintering in the ground: No
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