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Ixia Venus - Large Pack! - 150 pcs; corn lily

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Ixia -corn lily "Venus" - large pack! - 150 pcs.

Ixia "Venus" is true South African princess. It belongs to the Iridaceae family, but its blooms do not resemble the characteristic, immediately recognizable iris flowers. Its dark pink blooms constitute a striking accent in all surroundings and fit into many different places in garden. This plant has its certain requirements, but its beauty makes up for it with interest.

Rows of elongated, sharply pointed leaves grow from tiny bulbs. A slender stalk sprouts from in-between the foliage. Relatively large, six-petal blooms develop atop it. They are gathered in a loose ear. The flowers develop gradually starting from the bottom. These large, star-shaped blooms stay open for quite some time. Saturated fuchsia colouring immediately brings exotic plants to mind. There is a contrastingly coloured group of a pistil and stamina in the middle of the flowers. Their canary-yellow colour combined with the intense pink bring a distinct, positive effect. This plants bloom from July to September.

Ixias should be planted onto well drained soil, preferably mixed with sand. They need plenty of sunlight and protection from strong winds to develop properly. The soil should be well structured and only moderately moist. Enrich lesser soils with a dose of organic fertilizer. Water the plants sparsely during the flower development stage. You may also use special fertilizer, but only once. Ixia needs to be covered before the winter. Protect the bulbs with twigs, tree bark, straw or other natural material.

These attractive flowers are recommended for lower borders and sheltered flower beds exposed to sunlight. They harmonize well with rock garden plants and may be planted among them. It is often used as plant for unheated greenhouses and different containers. In the later case you may put it on terraces and balconies. This is also an ideal cut flower. Bouquets and arrangements made of ixias retain their looks for a long time./p>

Each package contains growing instructions.

  • Species: Ixia
  • Variety: Ixia
  • Bulbs: 150
  • Wintering in the ground: Yes
  • Flowering period: VII – IX
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