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Lily mix - 30 pcs

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Lilies are beautiful bulb perennials. Due to their exceptional beauty and easy cultivation they have won over the hearts of many gardeners. The large cups of the star-shaped flowers that sit atop the stiff stems excrete a heavenly aroma. They take on different forms, colours and even come in different sizes. No wonder, that every lover of this plant species will find his favourite variety. Apart from its decorative value lily is quite resistant to diseases and pests and may winter successfully in the ground.

In order for the lilies to develop correctly you should plant them on a sunny or only partially shade site. These plants do not like being transplanted, hence you will achieve the best results and the most decorative value by growing them at one site for at least a few seasons. The soil for lily cultivation needs to be permeable and rich in nutrients. Bury the bulbs in holes 12-15 cm deep. Remember to keep large distances between them, so the plants would not have to fight for sunlight and mineral nutrients. Fertilization and watering are two most essential care measures that need to be taken. Do not exaggerate with water, since the ground needs to be moderately moist only. We encourage you to mulch the ground with tree bark or peat during the blooming time in summer.

You may plant lilies either in spring or in autumn. Planting within the first period is advised in case of the late blooming varieties. The second period spans between early September and the second decade of October. This is also the time when the majority of the lily varieties available on the market would be planted. Cover them with a layer of peat or tree bark before the winter. Should the winter be expected to be long and tough, you should consider enhancing the protective layer with straw or mulch.

The lilies have been considered the queens of the summer borders for a long time. Their diversity allows for a wide spectrum of different uses. They would perfectly harmonize with both the annual border flowers and perennials. They form great partnerships with asters and sage. They underscore the irresistible charm of the large plantain lily tufts. You may plant the lower growing, less abundant varieties in rock gardens. If you choose a pot deep enough, you would obtain a great ornament for your apartment. Lilies are commonly used in floristics. The fragrant bouquets of the freshly cut lilies will stay in vases for a long time.

We offer 30 bulbs of the lily selection here. Basic growing guidelines were printed on the bag.

  • Species: Lily
  • Bulbs: 30
  • Flowering period: VII – VIII
  • Planting period: IV – V or IX – X
  • Planting depth: 12 – 15 cm
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