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Lime for trees and soil deacidifying - Agrecol® - 1.2 kg

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Agricultural lime is intended for protecting tree and shrub trunks and branches. This protective measure should protect the plants from undesired results of the so called winter burns. Lime may also be used for deacidifying soil, a measure required in case of growing plants that do not tolerate acidic soil.

The package contains instructions of use and the best-before date.

The package contains 1.2 kg of lime for trees and deacidifying soil.

  • Weight: 1.2 kg

Application methods. Whitewashing tree trunks. Apply during the winter season, from December to March. The first whitewashing should be performed in December. Should the white coating come off, repeat the action in order to ensure that the trees remain white until March. Prepare a whitewashing solution - gradually add lime to circa 1 litre of water, stirring it constantly until you have a thick white liquid. Avoid eye contact with the lime and the lime solution. Soil liming (deacidifying): Apply the lime on acidic soils that need to be prepared to suit needs of plants that require a higher reaction (slightly acidic, neutral or alkaline). We recommend to measure the soil pH level before liming. The deacidifying liming should be performed every 2 to 3 years. Autumn, after the end of the vegetation period, is the best time to lime soil, yet you may also execute it in early spring, before the vegetation starts. Do not combine the autumn fertilization or fertilization with the nitrogen fertilizers with soil liming. The time interval between the fertilization and liming should depend on the time of activity of the applied fertilizer. Apply the lime onto the moist soil, during windless weather, because the lime is offered here in the powdery form. The lime broadcasted in spring should be preferably mixed with soil. One 1.2 kg package allows to lime circa 15 m2 of land.