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Netted iris Spot On - Large Pack! - 100 pcs; Golden netted iris

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Netted iris "Spot On" - large pack! - 100 pcs.

Netted iris "Spot On" attracts attention with the deep purple colour and a distinct pattern at the lower parts of its petals. The large flowers grow low above the ground and resemble a flock of dancing butterflies.

The attractive iris blooms appear already at the end of winter. Small bulbs produce a tuft of grass-like, greyish green leaves. In-between them, atop a slender, naked stalk the blooms develop, usually 1 – 2 on a single stem. They show typical iris form consisting of six petals. The upper part of the flower is purple, while the bottom parts of them display am unusually attractive pattern. The contrasting combination of white and deep navy blue with a hint of yellow merge into a feast for the eyes. Despite the unimpressive size, the plants are distinctly visible at the background of lawns and other plants. These blooms excrete only a weak aroma.

Irises require fertile soil rich in organic matter. The soil should warm quickly in the spring. These plants need moderate humidity and regular water conditions allowing the excess water to run off. This perennial thrives in full sun.

The "Spot On" variety looks great in larger single-variety groupings, but makes a good figure in mixed arrangements, too. It is recommended for border edgings and rock gardens. This species harmonizes with other garden plants and forms intriguing, eye-catching partnerships with them. The undemanding irises may be planted in decorative containers. This low growing variety is made for this kind of cultivation. Irises may also be cut and put into vases. Small bouquets of purple flowers with the intricate petal patterns will rejuvenate each interior.

Basic growing instructions are included in the package information.

  • Species: Netted iris
  • Variety: Iris
  • Bulbs: 100
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