"Shania" lawn seed for shady sites - Target - 15 kg - for 600 m²

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The "Shania" lawn seed selection from the Target brand is a combination of premium quality grass species and varieties, intended for shady sites. Thanks to this product, low exposure to sunlight will not prevent you from growing dense, green turf any more.

The "Shania" mix consists of carefully selected grass cultivars that stand out with high tolerance to lack of sunlight. They tolerate partial shade exceptionally well and enable you to create a lawn that will delight with appealing look and juicy, vividly green colour. Turf grown of the selection offered here does not require arduous care. Thanks to high resistance to drought these grasses do not require abundant watering. Frequent mowing will not be needed, either.

The "Shania" grass selection is intended for sowing on shady sites. It can be used in home gardens, on lawns around the house, in parks, at the recreational grounds, in ornamental arrangements and in orchards. Turf grown from the seeds that we offer here stands out with pleasant softness. It is perfectly suited for summer relaxation spots, providing a comfortable feeling everywhere it is applied. Varieties that have been selected for this mix have been tested and are definitely suited for Central European climate conditions.

Each package contains 15 kg of seeds of the "Shania" lawn seed selection, allowing you to cover 600 m2. The sow-by date has been included in the product information.

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