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Tulip "Purple Prince" - 5 pcs pack

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Tulipan Purple Prince – opak. 5 pcs.

he "Purple Prince" tulip belongs to the most unusual Triumph varieties and fully deserves its noble name. Its charming, crimson-purple blooms break the monotony of the classic spring compositions in which white and yellow prevail. You may admire the "Purple Prince" tulip in April in May, during the flowering period of narcissi that beautifully complement tulip arrangements.

Bulbs of the variety offered in our store should be planted in autumn into moist, yet light and permeable soil – preferably on a drainage layer. Large, vividly coloured blooms would develop on every sunny site. "Triumph" tulips stand out with a slender habit and a magnificent, harmonious shape of the blooms. "Purple Prince" is no exception. This 40 cm tall variety looks best in a dense groups, neat rows or in a vases – alone or in bouquets with other spring flowers.

The package contains 5 bulbs of the "Purple Prince" variety, sized 11/12 cm. The most important plant growing information has been printed on the package.

  • Species: Tulip
  • Bulbs: 5
  • Bulb size: 11/12 cm
  • Height: 40 cm
  • Flowering period: IV – V
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